Steinhuder Meer
Welcome to my website

According to Duden, a "Reiseonkel" is someone who likes to travel. I am such a "Reiseonkel". Travelling is my passion. In recent years New York, London, Paris, Rome, Edinburgh, Venice, Sardinia, Australia, Ireland and Denmark have been my favourite destinations.

To limit the number of image files on the following pages, many photos are stored in PDF files or as presentations in Google Drive. It may take a few seconds to open these files/presentations, depending on their size and Internet speed. Beautiful pictures, however, compensate for somewhat longer loading times.

Besides travelling, my website is also about searching for traces. More specifically, it is about the search for traces of Jewish life in my home town Hoya and the memory of the suffering of former Jewish fellow citizens in the period of National Socialism.

Ereignisreiche Tage in Sachsen

  Fotos  Leipzig & Dresden 2018   |  Video  Dresden - Neumarkt und Frauenkirche

Hanse- & Universitätsstadt Lüneburg

Reisetipp Wallis

   Das Wallis

   Aletsch Arena

   Das Goms im Winter

   Fiesch-Eggishorn / Pistenkarte

   Sport Resort Fiesch

   Fiesch - Eggishorn


Name: Deutsche Mark (DM)

Alter: 54 Jahre

Besonderheit: neben CHF und Yen stabilste Währung der Welt